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AmigaOS has it's own desktop environment called Workbench.

Workbench comes with a range of features to help users access and arrange their documents, photographs, music and video files in an intuitive manner. Naturally, users may also customise the look and feel of Workbench from the background desktop image through to the design of the interface and much more.

Understanding Workbench

Using the Workbench menus

Using the keyboard to control Workbench

Understanding Workbench requesters

Configuring Workbench and AmigaOS

Updating to the latest version of AmigaOS


Workbench Help

By pressing the Help key on your keyboard (commonly found sharing the Scroll Lock key on a modern keyboard) you can open Workbench Help. Workbench Help is context-sensitive, when you press the Help key it will open up directly into the section of Workbench Help most relevant. For instance, if the Workbench desktop is selected, pressing the Help key will open the guide on the page about the Workbench Screen.