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Understanding Workbench requesters

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There are many requesters, also known as Dialog Boxes, that will appear when using the Workbench. A few of the most commons ones are listed here:

About requester

This requester shows the internal version number of the Workbench and Kickstart software, as well as copyright information.

Select the OK gadget to close the requester.

Delete confirmation requester

This requester appears because you try to delete the selected files. It asks for a confirmation before doing anything. Click "OK" if you really want to delete them, otherwise click "Cancel".

Delete protected objects requester

This requester pops up when you are trying to delete files or drawers that are protected against deletion, i.e. their protection attribute "D" is unset.

If you just change the "D" attribute, you can click the "Retry" button to delete the current file. If you don't want to delete the specified file, click "Skip". If you want to keep all protected files this delete operation will find, click "Skip all". All non-protected files will still be deleted.

If you really want to delete this file even though it is protected against deletion, click the "Force delete" button. To do the same for all the following files, click the "Force delete all" button. In order to stop the whole deletion process, click "Cancel".

Copy/replace requester

This requester pops up when you are trying to copy files into a destination where there are files with the same name as the one you copy. As it's impossible to have two files with the same name, if you continue the copy operation, the files in the destination will be overwritten by the one you copy.

This requester will ask you what you want to do for each files for which there is such a conflict. If you want to continue and overwrite the file in the destination, click "Replace". If you copy more than one file and you want to do the same for all of them, click "Replace all". If you don't want to overwrite the specified file, click "Skip". To stop the copy process, click "Skip all" or "Cancel".

Quit requester

This requester pops up when you use the menu item Quit... in the Workbench menu, and asks you if you really want to quit the Workbench. Under normal circumstances you should never have to use this option. This requester also often appears when quitting applications, often asking you whether you wish to save your work first before closing.

Remove incomplete object requester

During your copy operation, an error occured. The error message is displayed in this requester. The file or drawer couldn't be completely copied so you may not want to keep your partial copy in the destination. In this case, click "Remove" and it will be deleted. If you want to keep what have been copied so far, click "Cancel".

Tool launch failure requester

This requester is displayed because the program you try to run cannot be loaded correctly. There might be several reasons for this. The file may be damaged and thus couldn't be executed. The icon you clicked may be left without a corresponding file, or the icon may be of a wrong type (project <=> tool).

If you want to try again, click on the "Retry" button. If you want to select another tool to run, click on the "Select another tool" button. Click "Cancel" to stop the program loading.