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Moved Workbench ARexx commands

Janne, you have moved the Workbench ARexx commands chapter from ARexx to the Workbench manual... But there's no obvious chapter for ARexx in the Workbench manual, and there's no link from the ARexx manual either. How should people find this information? Ideally you should have both.


Hello Rob,
Yes, I moved the Workbench ARexx commands to the Workbench manual's Chapter 4. Using Workbench, under the title 3 ARexx Interface. The reason for doing this was that Workbench is not the only program included in AmigaOS that has an ARexx port. The idea was that all programs included in AmigaOS that have an ARexx port will be listed in the ARexx manual's Appendix F. ARexx Compatible Applications along with some general information. The list was supposed to make it easier to find the ARexx compatible applications and their ARexx commands.
I admit the application list is somewhat hidden. A better solution would be to create a new chapter in the ARexx manual and explain how one can control applications using ARexx and present the application list in that chapter. Workbench could have its own section in the chapter, but I would keep the Workbench ARexx commands in the Workbench manual just like the other applications' ARexx commands are part of their documentation.
Janne Peräaho (talk) 04:39, 8 September 2019 (CEST)