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AmigaOS Manual: ARexx Compatible Applications

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The following AmigaOS programs have an ARexx interface for inter-process-communication. To get a list of supported commands, send command HELP to a program's ARexx port or click the Supported commands link displayed on the table below for detailed information.

Application Description ARexx Port ARexx Interface
AmiDock Application launcher AMIDOCK Supported commands
AmiGS PS, EPS, and PDF document viewer and printing utility AMIGS.x Supported commands
AmiPDF PDF document viewer AMIPDF.x Supported commands
ED Text editor Ed, Ed_x Supported commands
SGrab Screen and window grabber SGRAB Supported commands
Mixer Sound mixer MIXER Supported commands
Multiview File viewer MULTIVIEW.x Supported commands
Workbench AmigaOS's graphical user interface WORKBENCH Supported commands

If an application is capable of opening several windows, its ARexx port name contains a slot number (x). Slot number tells which of the currently open windows is the target window. Slot number 1 refers to the first window, 2 to the second window, and so on.