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PGTB IFF Program Traceback

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Program traceback (SAS Institute)


        New IFF chunk type, to be named PGTB, meaning ProGram TraceBack.


        'PGTB'          - chunk identifier
        length          - longword for length of chunk

        'FAIL'          - subfield giving environment at time of crash
        length          - longword length of subfield
        NameLen         - length of program name in longwords (BSTR)
        Name            - program name packed in longwords
        Environment     - copy of AttnFlags field from ExecBase,
                          gives type of processor, and existence of
                          math chip
        VBlankFreq      - copy of VBlankFrequency field from ExecBase
        PowerSupFreq    - copy of PowerSupplyFrequency field from ExecBase
                          above fields may be used to determine whether
                          machine was PAL or NTSC
        Starter         - non-zero = CLI, zero = WorkBench
        GURUNum         - exception number of crash
        SegCount        - number of segments for program
        SegList         - copy of seglist for program
                          (Includes all seglist pointers, paired with
                           sizes of the segments)

        'REGS'          - register dump subfield
        length          - length of subfield in longwords
        GURUAddr        - PC at time of crash
        Flags           - copy of Condition Code Register
        DDump           - dump of data registers
        ADump           - dump of address registers

        'VERS'          - revision of program which created this file
        length          - length of subfield in longwords
        version         - main version of writing program
        revision        - minor revision level of writing program
        TBNameLen       - length of name of writing program
        TBName          - name of writing program packed in longwords (BSTR)

        'STAK'          - stack dump subfield
        length          - length of subfield in longwords
        (type)          - tells type of stack subfield, which can be any of
                          the following:
                Info            - value 0
                StackTop        - address of top of stack
                StackPtr        - stack pointer at time of crash
                StackLen        - number of longwords on stack

                Whole stack     - value 1
                                  only used if total stack to be dumped is 8k
                                  or less in size
                Stack           - dump of stack from current to top

                Top 4k          - value 2
                                  if stack used larger than 8k, this part
                                  is a dump of the top 4k
                Stack           - dump of stack from top - 4k to top

                Bottom 4k       - value 3
                                  if stack used larger than 8k, this part
                                  is a dump of the bottom 4k
                Stack           - dump of stack from current to current + 4k

        In other words, we will dump a maximum of 8k of stack data.  This
        does NOT mean the stack must be less than 8k in size to dump the
        entire stack, just that the amount of stack USED be less than 8k.

        'UDAT'          - Optional User DATa chunk.  If the user assigns
                          a function pointer to the label "_ONGURU", the
                          catcher will call this routine prior to closing
                          the SnapShot file, passing one parameter on the
                          stack - an AmigaDOS file pointer to the SnapShot
                          file.  Spec for the _ONGURU routine:

                                void <function name>(fp)
                                long fp;

                          In other words, your routine must be of type 'void'
                          and must take one parameter, an AmigaDOS file
                          handle (which AmigaDOS wants to see as a LONG).
        length          - length of the UserDATa chunk, calculated after the
                          user routine terminates.