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HLID IFF Hotlink Identification

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HotLink IDentification (Soft-Logik)

HLID Generic chunk

Submitted by Dan Weiss, Deron Kazmaier, and Gary Knight (8/29/91)

Chunk ID: "HLID" (HotLink IDentification)

Description: This chunk is used by applications that store local copies of HotLink'ed files. When an application reads in a local copy and finds a HLID chunk, the application can check if any changes have been made to the file and get the new changes if any have been made. Also the application can set up a notification on the file, and treat it just like the application subscribed to the file. The format of the chunk is 3 long words. The first two hold the publication ID and the last one holds the publication version number. These are all the entries needed to load a hotlink'ed file from HotLinks.


                       HLID            ;chunk ID
                       0000000C        ;chunk length (12 bytes)
                       00000001        ;publication ID (part 1)
                       00000005        ;publication ID (part 2)
                       00000002        ;publication version number