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Grim Reaper

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AmigaOS is a very stable platform, however there are third-party software applications that aren't as stable and can potentially bring your computer to its knees.

The Grim Reaper will appear if this happens and will try its best to lock down the misbehaving application, preventing it from crashing the whole system. Choosing the option 'Kill' will suspend the troublesome application.

There are other options as well such as creating a Crash Log - which can be useful for developers to try and identify the problem.

Previously known as 'Guru Meditation' on 'Classic' Amiga systems.


The following tooltypes are available to control the Grim Reaper. To change them you'll need to edit the icon tooltypes for SYS:System/GrimReaper.

  Name of the directory to write crash reports to.
  (Default is "RAM:")   

  Number of lines to disassemble when creating a crash report.
  (Default is 5)

  Specifies the shell command used when attaching a debugger.
  (Default is "CON:50/50/800/480/GDB/CLOSE/WAIT")

  Specifies the name of the debugger to launch.
  (Default is "SDK:C/gdb")

The default debugger, GDB, is included with the current AmigaOS SDK and uses a command-line interface. Amigans unfamiliar with GDB might find the GDB for Beginners tutorial useful. If you'd prefer a graphical debugger, try the third-party DB101 from Alfkil Wennermark.