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Fundamental Types

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It is important to understand at least the basic types when programming. The following table summarizes the basic types used in AmigaOS as compared to standard C and C++ types:

AmigaOS Types
Type Deprecated Type(s) C C++
uint64 none uint64_t uint64_t
int64 none int64_t int64_t
uint32 ULONG or LONGBITS or CPTR uint32_t uint32_t
int32 LONG int32_t int32_t
uint16 UWORD or WORDBITS or USHORT or UCOUNT or RPTR uint16_t uint16_t
int16 WORD or SHORT or COUNT int16_t int16_t
uint8 UBYTE or BYTEBITS char or unsigned char unsigned char
int8 BYTE signed char signed char
STRPTR none char* char*
CONST STRPTR n/a char* const x char* const x
CONST_STRPTR n/a const char* const char*
CONST CONST_STRPTR n/a const char* const const char* const
APTR none void* void*
CONST APTR none void* const x void* const x
CONST_APTR none const void* const void*
CONST CONST_APTR none const void* const const void* const
float32 FLOAT float float
float64 DOUBLE double double
BOOL none int16 int16
TEXT none char char
NULL none 0L (void*)0L
BPTR none int32_t int32_t
BSTR none int32_t int32_t
XBSTR none int32_t int32_t
ZERO none (BPTR)0 (BPTR)0