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AmigaOS Manual: Workbench Troubleshooting

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If you encounter problems while using the system software, the following table describes how to resolve them:

Symptom Possible Cause Suggested Solution
Display is flickering; screen is not positioned properly. The wrong display mode is selected or the overscan may be set incorrectly. Open the ScreenMode editor in the Prefs drawer and select the appropriate display mode. If the screen display is totally indecipherable, you may have to reboot with a different Workbench disk.
A requester asks you to insert a particular volume into any drive. The system cannot find the disk, partition, or assigned directory it is looking for. The disk containing the program may have been removed, renamed, or an ASSIGN was not made. Check the volume name in the requester. If it is the name of a floppy disk you have removed, insert that disk. If you have mistyped a volume name in a requester or command, select Cancel, then enter the correct name. If the massage appears while the Amiga is booting, you may need to add an ASSIGN statement to your User-startup file.
A requester states that there is not enough memory to load a program. You have too many programs running and there is not enough RAM left to start another program. Close any unnecessary windows and exit unnecessary programs.
You cannot move the pointer and keyboard input has no effect. A program has crashed the Amiga Reboot.
You cannot move the pointer and keyboard input has no effect. Keylock systems may have lock on. Turn key to enable position.
The screen goes blank and then a flashing red box appears stating an error, such as Not Enough Memory. A program performed an illegal action that was serious enough to cause a system failure. Press the left mouse button and the computer reboots.
A flashing amber box appears stating Recoverable Alert. A program performed an illegal action that caused an error from which the system can recover. Press the left mouse button.
Shortly after booting, a requester appears saying "Program <name> has not returned yet. Shall I wait some more?" You started a program from the WBStartup drawer and Workbench is waiting for it to finish. Select the requester's Cancel gadget. To prevent the appearance of this requester in the future, add the Tool Type DONOTWAIT in the program's information window.