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AmigaOS Manual

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WIP.png This page is currently being updated to AmigaOS 4.x. Some of the information contained here may not yet be applicable in part or totally.


The AmigaOS Manual consist of four sections, all of which work as independent manuals. The first two manuals present the two AmigaOS user interfaces, Workbench and Shell, while the last two manuals introduce you to the AmigaOS's scripting languages.

Section 1. Workbench Workbench, the graphical user interface. Under construction!

Section 2. AmigaDOS AmigaDOS, the command line interface. Under construction!

Section 3. ARexx ARexx scripting language.

Section 4. Python Python scripting language. Under construction!

Appendix A. AmigaOS Platforms This appendix lists the AmigaOS platforms.

Appendix B. AmigaOS File Systems This appendix lists the AmigaOS file systems.

Appendix C. Special Early Startup Control Options This appendix provides information on special boot options that allow you to choose display options, diagnose expansion board failures, and to disable devices and processor caches for software compatibility. Under construction!

Additional Guides

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Running the Classic Amiga Programs

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