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[[SDK Developer Tools|Developer Tools]]
[[SDK Developer Tools|Developer Tools]]
== Guidelines ==
[[Autodoc Style Guide]]
[[User Interface Style Guide]]
[[UI_Style_Guide_Workbench#Icons | Icon Guidelines]]
== Reference ==
== Reference ==
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[[User Interface Style Guide]]
== General Information ==
== General Information ==
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[[Optimized Window Refreshing]]
[[Optimized Window Refreshing]]
[[Autodoc Style Guide]]
[[Debug Kernel]]
[[Debug Kernel]]

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Many programming languages can be used on AmigaOS, ranging from interpreted scripting languages to comprehensive compiled languages:

  • ARexx: the native AmigaOS scripting language, good for beginners,small projects and talking between applications.
  • Python: a common cross platform scripting language ported to & included with AmigaOS.
  • C: the primary compiled language for AmigaOS.
  • Modula2: the compiled language that evolved from Pascal.
  • E: an Amiga native compiled language.

ARexx is built into AmigaOS and its original documentation can be found in this part of the Developer's Wiki.

A native compiler for the C language is part of the downloadable AmigaOS SDK.

Most of the remaining AmigaOS Developers Wiki provides the latest information on how to program systems running AmigaOS 4.x with the C language. It has been updated for Release 4.0 and higher of AmigaOS and covers all the computer systems which run the Amiga operating system from the Commodore A1200 all the way up to the AmigaOne X5000.

The Wiki assumes some previous experience with programming and familiarity with computers in general. Although it is not required, a knowledge of the C programming language will make it much easier to understand the material in this book. Most of the Amiga operating system is written in C, hence C is the language used for the programming examples.

Many of the AmigaOS concepts, methods described in the wiki for C will also be applicable to other compiled languages, with some variations. Please see the documentation of the respective languages.

This wiki is intended for the following audiences:

  • Programmers who want to create application software for AmigaOS systems.
  • Software developers who want to upgrade their software for Release 4.0 or higher of the operating system.
  • Anyone who wants to know more about how AmigaOS works.

The system software is organized into related groups of functions called libraries. The same basic organization is used for this wiki.

Software Development Kit (SDK)

You can find the AmigaOS SDK at this location.

Release Notes

Frequency Asked Questions


Fundamental Types

Developer Tools


Autodoc Style Guide

User Interface Style Guide

Icon Guidelines






General Information

AmigaOS Versions

Controlling Application Stack

GUI Programming

Programming in the Amiga Environment

Libraries and Devices

Migration Guide

Troubleshooting Your Software

Understanding the alert error numbers

Release 4 Compatibility

Writing apps for Xena

AmigaGuide 101

Installation Utility

Optimized Window Refreshing

Debug Kernel

AmiDock and Dockies

Command Line Interface

DCFS and LNFS Low Level Data Structures