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DOS Library

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AmigaDOS is built on Exec basis and extends parts of it. One important example of this enhancement is the concept of Process. As it's known, Exec gives you capabilities to handle processes called Tasks, however a Task doesn't have tools to handle I/O with memorize units. AmigaDOS gives you a new kind of extended Task which is called Process. An AmigaDOS process is a task with capabilities to handle files and so to interact with them.

To handle Processes, AmigaDOS gives you many utility function to create and destroy them, and many other ones to handle files, directory etc. These utility functions are grouped into dos.library.

A particular AmigaDOS process is the file system: it handles how files and directories will be memorized on disks, and it receives all requests you will do with dos.library functions concerning files and directories. File system will reply you using dos.library functions returns, so for you this communication is totally transparent.