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AmigaOS maintains it's connectivity to an increasingly Internet connected world through a series of applications. The following list highlights some of those Internet related applications users can utilize.


The following list of applications are neither endorsed by nor supported by Hyperion Entertainment. This list is strictly informational only.

AAMP (Apache, MySql, PHP)

Image Source: OS4Depot webpage
Image Source: OS4Depot webpage

This package provides a developer environment to create your web projects on your Amiga. Just like the well known LAMP package for Linux, it include the HTTP (web) server "Apache" with compiled in support for the scripting language "PHP" and the database server "MySQL".

AAMP is not only interesting for web developers. Now you can run web applications locally on your Amiga, for example the database administration tool "phpMyAdmin" ( or the picture database "Coppermine" ( - just to mention a few.

With the included interpreter for "PHP" you can also create your own tools. "PHP" is easy to understand and with it's extensions it is very powerful.

Finally the database server "MySQL" gives you the opportunity to manage your data and share it with other users. External applications (e.g. IODBC) can use it as a database backend.

AAMP OS4Depot webpage

AAMP Update OS4Depot webpage

All in One Streams

Image Source: All In One Streams author
Image Source: All In One Streams author

All In One streams (aiostreams) is a pack of scripts, written in Python, that can be used to stream and watch videos from different online networks, like and

These can be used from the shell, as well as from any web browser that support execution of scripts. It is really easy to configure a link context menu and open the URL with the script. And if "Autoplay" is enabled, then the video will start automatically.

Some of these networks support search, where you can find available streams and videos.

The scripts are based on Python v2.5, so this is absolutely necessary to be installed at your system.

All in One Streams OS4Depot webpage


Image Source: AmigaOS webpage
Image Source: AmigaOS webpage

AmiFTP is an easy to use ftp-client with a GUI built on Reaction.Initially it was created by Magnus Lilja for the AmigaOS 3.x. Then Joachim Birging created the OS4 native version and added a few more features.


  • Easy to use
  • Localized
  • Aminet-mode that lets you browse the RECENT-file in an easy way
  • ARexx interface
  • Resume transfer
  • Multiselect when up/downloading files
  • Caches the latest directories
  • Has hotlist with submenus
  • Online AmigaGuide-help
  • Toolbar
  • AmiUpdate support
  • AmiDock support
  • Drag n' Drop to upload files

AmiFTP OS4Depot webpage


Image Source: AmIRC webpage
Image Source: AmIRC webpage

AmIRC is a client for the IRC Internet Relay Chat protocol, originally developed by Oliver Wagner and Jamie van den Berge.


  • Built-in highly optimized DCC drivers for SEND, TSEND and MOVE, with asynchronous file I/O and threaded network handling. Supports drag & drop sending of files, and DCC RESUME.
  • Transparent DCC CHAT routes all /MSGs via DCC CHAT if possible. There is an option to automatically accept DCC CHAT connections.
  • Supports secure encrypted DCC CHAT (SCHAT).
  • Ultra fast text output and scrolling. Supports copy & paste for the list text, and allows the use of proportional fonts. Supports colored text and inline display of URLs
  • Internal CTCP flood and DCC bomb protection, and clone warning.
  • Full Undernet IRC extensions (reply codes and additional commands).
  • Intuitive channel display, with user list and channel mode overview. Channel modes can easily be changed and the banlist inspected via these gadgets. The configurable user action list allows you to perform whatever action you like on user(s) in channel by the press of a mousebutton..
  • Uses query windows for private chat.
  • Supports "smart" banning.
  • Versatile AREXX port includes server message parsing (event trapping) and command line/script interaction.
  • Easy to use command line aliasing.
  • Built-in IdentD, which is automatically disabled if another IdentD is already running.
  • Nickname notification, highlighting, ignoring and kick / ban.
  • Versatile event handling, allows you to bind sound effects, auto-deiconify, or ARexx scripts to certain events.
  • Server phone-book.
  • Last nick history stores the nicknames of the last nicks you've sent MSGs to, received MSGs from or addressed publicly with "nick:". Use the ":" placeholder in all commands which require nicknames, (e.g. /MSG, /OP, /DEOP), for automatic expansion.
  • The TAB key automatically cycles through the list of last used nicks with a /MSG prefix.
  • Nickname completion. Pressing TAB after typing a partial nickname will automatically match nicks in the current channel, just like in your favorite CON: handler.
  • Auto rejoin channel on /KICK, and auto reconnect to server facility.
  • Auto /AWAY after a user-specified idle timeout. Also, auto unaway after sending public and/or private msgs is possible.
  • URL grabber for interfacing with the Voyager WWW browser (or via an ARexx script or OpenURL for other browsers)
  • Single window mode. You can join several channels with opening just a single window.

AmIRC webpage


Image Source: OS4Depot webpage
Image Source: OS4Depot webpage

BigSister is an internet webcam and image viewer. It can be used to monitor web images which are regularly updated but is not limited to just webcams. Graphs, maps, charts, etc. can also be viewed.


  • Workbench application with GUI (ReAction)
  • HTTP web protocol support, use of the Roadshow tcp-handler (TCP: device)
  • Displays all the image formats supported by the DataTypes system, such as JPEG, PNG, GIF, etc.
  • Updates the current webcam at the specified time interval
  • Tested OK with MemGuard and Sashimi
  • Written in C language from scratch and the source code is supplied

BigSister OS4Depot webpage


Image Source: CNet webpage

CNet/PRO is the Premier BBS (Bulletin Board System) software package for computers.

CNet/PRO has been used by hardware developers, software vendors, computer stores, educational institutions, computer user’s groups, small and large businesses, internet cafes and home hobbyists for years, and I’m very proud to say that a number of those systems are still in operation today!

Small enough to run quickly and efficiently on even the most basically-appointed system, but with such an astounding degree of flexibility, configurability and customization capability that no other BBS package can match…on ANY computer platform!

CNet/PRO has a very wide range of features. As the list of features and functions is quite large, it is fairly certain that you will find most, if not all of the features you’re looking for in CNet/PRO! If you do not see a specific feature in the list as presented today, ask for it! It may already be there, and if not, it may be added in the future.

CNet webpage


Image Source: eNewsReader webpage

eNewsReader is a ground-breaking program for AmigaOS, which allows you to easily keep track of tens (or even hundreds!) of news sources. You no-longer need to visit many websites every day or week, on the off-chance there might be something new. And by centralizing all your news sources in one place, you will save masses of time, so it's great for people with busy lives. Not only does it keep track of which news items you have read, but it keeps track of items you have seen.


  • Supports Facebook & Twitter, as well as the more traditional RSS & Atom feeds.
  • Uses a custom transactional database to efficiently store & retrieve huge amounts of news items.
  • Easily see the news items of a single feed, or several feeds at once (or even all of them).
  • Organize your feeds by tagging them, and then choose to see only those feeds (and their news items) that have certain tags.
  • Individual news feeds can be filtered, hiding news items whose titles contain certain words or phrases.
  • Detects & stores updated news items, so you can see the latest version of a news item, as well as the older versions you previously downloaded.
  • Search for news items whose titles contain certain words or phrases.
  • Written entirely using the PortablE programming language, hence the "e" in eNewsReader.

eNewsReader webpage


Image Source: OS4Depot webpage

Granite is a quality firewall for AmigaOS. When any application is trying to connect to the network you will be prompted if you want to accept or reject that application to connect. Granite will remember your selection and won't bother you ever again. Use Granite's main window to set finer controls.

Granite OS4Depot webpage


IBrowse 2.4 is included with AmigaOS, however IBrowse 2.5 is now available. IBrowse is a fast, stable, classic web browser helping you surf the net with your AMIGA®. Features include HTML 4.01 and XHTML 1.0 browsing, TLSv1.3 secure connections, FTP downloads, comprehensive JavaScript 1.6 engine, tabbed browsers (pioneered by IBrowse), a customizable GUI layout, many other customizable features and support for proprietary extensions from other browsers. IBrowse is compatible with AmigaOS® 3.x, 3.1.4, and 4.1FE.

IBrowse 2.5 fixes many bugs, making it the most stable and fastest version yet, but more importantly brings modern SSL/TLS support and a fully native AmigaOS 4.x build. Below is a very brief summary of the key changes since version 2.4:

  • Brand new OS4 PPC native version. This is not a simple port, but we have taken great care to ensure it fully utilises of all the relevant new features avaiable in OS4 and as such requires a minimum of OS4.1 Final Edition. Uses the new graphics.library RTG system, dropping CyberGraphX support completely. Other features include faster image rendering using hardware compositing, anti-aliased text rendering and proper daylight saving time handling.
  • Support for AmiSSLv4 has been added to IBrowse 2.5, allowing the use of the most up to date SSL implementation available for AmigaOS, including TLSv1.3, based on the most recent versions of OpenSSL.
  • Integrated with new MUI 4.0 and 5.0 features, including new context sensitive mouse pointers, support for various built-in MUI menus and other new GUI additions. MUI 3.8 is still supported (although we recommend 3.9 as a minimum).
  • Browser spoofing strings can now be customised in a variety of different ways with up to 128 user defined strings available in the preferences.
  • All the internal image decoders have been improved, with various fixes, alpha channel handling, and speed optimisations. The JPEG and PNG decoders now fully utilise the decoding improvements and optimisations from the current Warp Datatypes, which also includes AltiVec acceleration in the JPEG decoder.
  • Full alpha channel support on >= 15-bit displays (OS4 only).
  • 4Gb+ file handling and downloads, with files bigger than 2Gb now being handled properly in the GUI (OS4 only).
  • The OpenSearch standard is now supported for allowing search engines to automatically be added to the search bar, in addition to the existing older Sherlock/Mycroft support from IBrowse 2.4.
  • TextEditField object has had an overhaul, fixing various issues and adding new features. Rendering is done in a more MUI4/5 compatible manner allowing these objects to inherit your MUI settings. Your mousewheel can now be used for scrolling and various MUI defined keyboard shortcuts are now honoured.
  • Improved general stability and memory leaks plugged.
  • Hundreds of other minor and major bug fixes + improvements, and increased tolerance of broken sites for better compatibility.

IBrowse webpage


libcurl is a free and easy-to-use client-side URL transfer library, supporting DICT, FILE, FTP, FTPS, Gopher, HTTP, HTTPS, IMAP, IMAPS, LDAP, LDAPS, POP3, POP3S, RTMP, RTSP, SCP, SFTP, SMTP, SMTPS, Telnet and TFTP. libcurl supports SSL certificates, HTTP POST, HTTP PUT, FTP uploading, HTTP form based upload, proxies, cookies, user+password authentication (Basic, Digest, NTLM, Negotiate, Kerberos), file transfer resume, http proxy tunneling and more!

libcurl is highly portable, it builds and works identically on numerous platforms, including Solaris, NetBSD, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Darwin, HPUX, IRIX, AIX, Tru64, Linux, UnixWare, HURD, Windows, Amiga, OS/2, BeOs, Mac OS X, Ultrix, QNX, OpenVMS, RISC OS, Novell NetWare, DOS and more...

libcurl is free, thread-safe, IPv6 compatible, feature rich, well supported, fast, thoroughly documented and is already used by many known, big and successful companies.

libcurl webpage


Image Source: OS4Depot webpage

NetSpeedometer is a network monitor and bandwidth meter. The application is suitable for monitoring the speed of your internet connection. It can also be used for benchmarks.


  • Workbench application with GUI (ReAction)
  • For selected network interfaces it displays number of received and sent bytes, download and upload speed as well as maximum download and upload speed
  • All information is updated every 1 second
  • Tested OK with MemGuard and Sashimi
  • Written in C language from scratch and the source code is supplied

NetSpeedometer OS4Depot webpage


Image Source: NetSurf webpage
Image Source: NetSurf webpage

NetSurf is a free, open source web browser. It is written in C and released under the GNU Public License version 2. NetSurf has its own layout and rendering engine entirely written from scratch. It is small and capable of handling many of the web standards in use today. It boasts a new native user interface, with tabbed browsing, bookmarks, history, cookie browser, ARexx port, upload and download of files, HTTP-authentication, secure sites (HTTPS), themeable interface, locale support.

Whether you want to check your webmail, read the news or post to discussion forums, NetSurf is your lightweight gateway to the world wide web. Actively developed, NetSurf is continually evolving and improving.

Features include:

  • Web standards: HTML 4.01 and CSS 2.1
  • Image formats: PNG, GIF, JPEG, SVG, JNG, MNG, ICO and BMP
  • HTTPS for secure online transactions
  • Unicode text
  • Web page thumbnailing
  • Local history trees
  • Global history
  • Hotlist manager (bookmarks)
  • Cookie manager
  • URL completion
  • Text selection
  • Scale view
  • Search-as-you-type text search highlighting
  • Save pages complete with images
  • Fast, lightweight layout and rendering engine
  • Advertisement blocking

NetSurf webpage

Odyssey Web Browser

Image Source: OS4Depot webpage
Image Source: OS4Depot webpage

Odyssey Web Browser is a WebKit-based browser originally based on OWB from Sand-Labs/Pleyo. Since then, it has been extensively developed to become a full-blown desktop browser with modern functionality.

Features include:

  • Based on r155188 WebKit (October 2013)
  • Javascript, CSS, DOM, SVG, Unicode, SSL, ...
  • HTML5 Video/Audio support (Ogg/Theora, WEBM, MPEG4/H264, MP3, AAC, WAV and a couple others formats/codecs)
  • Antialiased fonts and kerning, font families and support for international charsets
  • MUI Interface
  • Cairo technology !!1
  • Multiple tabs and windows
  • Download manager with resume and history support
  • Password manager
  • Cookie manager
  • Messages console
  • Network connections manager
  • Proxy support
  • Session support
  • Form filling completion
  • Bookmarks
  • Fastlinks
  • Configurable MIME types
  • History
  • Content blocking
  • URL Completion
  • Favicon support
  • Private Browsing
  • Per URL settings
  • Configurable contextual menus
  • Configurable search engines
  • Contextual cursors
  • Drag and Drop support
  • Clipboard support
  • Fullscreen support
  • OpenURL/Rexx support
  • PDF export
  • Printing support
  • WebInspector (FireBug-like)
  • User scripting (GreaseMonkey-like)

Odyssey Web Browser OS4Depot webpage


Image Source: OS4Depot webpage
Image Source: OS4Depot webpage

Pete's FTP is an advanced FTP/SFTP client.

Supports FTP and SFTP transfers, multiple windows, drag n drop throughout, pause and resume files. Very intuitive and easy to use.


  • Fully multithreaded design
  • (S)FTP to (S)FTP transfers (any combination)
  • Multiple windows (for local, SFTP and FTP connections)
  • Browsing while downloading
  • Drag and drop
  • Reaction GUI
  • Pause and resume transfers
  • Resume files that are already present at the target
  • Transferring of whole directories with contents
  • Deletion of directories with all contents
  • Passive and active transfers supported
  • Optional automatic binary/ascii mode setting
  • AISS toolbars
  • Detailed HTML documentation
  • Localised

PFTP OS4Depot webpage


Image Source: OS4Depot webpage

RDesktop is a free client for the RDP protocol. It works as a "thin client" which you use to connect to Windows NT4TS/2000/2003/XP. RDesktop was created by Samba team member Matthew Chapman and released under the GNU Public License. It runs on many operating systems including several flavors of Unix/Linux, Acorn, Amiga, Mac OS X, OS/2 etc. It has even been ported to Win32 and Java.

RDesktop OS4 Depot webpage

RDesktop GUI Interface OS4 Depot webpage


Image Source: SimpleMail webpage

SimpleMail is an e-mail client for AmigaOS built with portability in mind. Although currently in beta, SimpleMail is regularly updated with a growing feature list.

Current features include:

  • Full POP3 and SMTP Server support
  • TLS support for SMTP servers (SMTPS, port 465)
  • STARTTLS support for IMAP4 servers
  • Ability to check account settings within the account configuration
  • OpenSSL supported
  • Asynchronous index file loading
  • Supports unicode and different charsets
  • Multithreading
  • Ability to view HTML mails
  • Statistical Spam filter

Simplemail webpage


Image Source: OS4Depot webpage
Image Source: OS4Depot webpage

Timberwolf is an AmigaOS web browser based on Firefox/Mozilla technology. This technology is more than just a browser, it is an enabling technology, bringing powerful tools such as html5, WebM, JavaScript, XUL, and more to AmigaOS.

This Release Candidate includes almost the full functionality of the browser, allowing style-sheet enabled web browsing, secure connections, use of Firefox® add-on and more.

Timberwolf webpage


Image Source: OS4Depot webpage
Image Source: OS4Depot webpage

WookieChat is an internet client for communication across the IRC Network. WookieChat allows you to exchange ideas and communicate in real-time, you can also exchange files, documents, images, etc. using the application's DCC capabilities. When you first download and install WookieChat you will find that it comes pre-configured so you can jump straightaway into the Amiga community. Of course the world of IRC is diverse and global and so there is nothing stopping you from exploring any part of the IRC Network and joining any channel you choose.

Features List:

  • Multiple server support
  • "Perform on connect" scripts and channel auto-joins
  • Automatic Nickserv login
  • Tabs for channels and private conversations
  • Incoming and Outgoing DCC SEND file transfers
  • Colors for different events
  • Logging and automatic reloading of logs
  • mIRC color code filters
  • Configurable timestamps
  • GUI for changing channel modes easily
  • Configurable highlight keywords
  • URL Grabber window
  • Optional outgoing swear word filter
  • Event sounds for tabs opening, highlighted words, and private messages
  • DCC CHAT support
  • Doubleclickable URL's
  • Support for multiple languages using LOCALE
  • Clone detection
  • Auto reconnection to Servers upon disconnection
  • Command aliases
  • Chat display can be toggled between AmIRC and mIRC style
  • Counter for Unread messages
  • Graphical nicklist and graphical smileys with a popup chooser

Wookiechat OS4Depot webpage


Image Source: YAM webpage

YAM (short for Yet Another Mailer) is a MIME-compliant e-mail client written for AmigaOS based computers. It supports multi-POP3, APOP, SMTP, TLSv1/SSLv3, multiple users, PGP, unlimited hierarchical folders, filters, a configurable GUI (based on MUI) and an ARexx interface and many other features which are common for Mail User Agents (MUA) today.

General features:

  • Straightforward installation and configuration, taking only a few minutes to set everything up.
  • Runs "Out-of-the-Box" without any installation or Assign required for expert users.
  • Easy operation using toolbar buttons, menus, keyboard and drag&drop functionality.
  • Basic e-mail functions: Read, Write, Reply, Forward and Bounce mail
  • Four standard folders: Incoming, Outgoing, Sent and Trash.
  • Any number of user-definable folders, which can be compressed and/or encrypted via own passwords set.
  • Hierarchical ordering of folders.
  • Multiuser support. Optionally, address books and other configuration files can be shared.
  • Searchable address book supporting groups and distribution lists.
  • Full POP3 support allowing to check/download mails on startup, on demand or at regular time intervals.
  • Configure an unlimited amount of POP3 accounts.
  • Message download pre-selection: browse message headers and select only those mails you want to download.
  • Write or Reply to your mails off-line and send them to the mail server using the built in SMTP support
  • Extract sender information from message headers and create an address book entry with just a simple mouse click.
  • Built-In support for MIME encoding/decoding for sending and receiving binary files.
  • Interaction with web browsers: send mail from your browser, pass an URL to the browser.
  • Handle message disposition notifications (MDN).
  • Direct support for anonymous remailing (remailers) and mailing lists.
  • PGP/MIME support: encrypt and/or sign outgoing messages, check signatures, decrypt messages. Direct support for PGP 2.6.x and PGP 5.
  • Fast internal text editor with support for common mail styles (bold/italic/underline), glossary and with a spell checking interface.
  • Comprehensive search capabilities. For example a full text search through all articles using a single query or a quick search to find/sort mails quickly in a folder.
  • Automatic sorting of the post with an unlimited number of filters. Archiving or diversion of specified articles, automatic replies or the deletion of advertising are just a few of the possible applications of the filters.
  • Event-sensitive starting of macros and comprehensive ARexx support.
  • Freely customizable interface, thanks to MUI 3.x.
  • Usable on either an own screen or on any public screen configured in MUI.
  • Context-sensitive online help system, using help bubbles and AmigaGuide documentation.
  • Context sensitive menus for direct operations on each mail.
  • Localized to many languages.
  • and much, much more...

YAM webpage

Zeus BBS

Zeus BBS is a versatile bulletin board system. It is highly customizable and offers many features, including:

  • All menus are rexx scripts and are therefore totally configurable
  • No hardcoded text, so every single character in Zeus is configurable
  • IEMSI support
  • ANSI music support
  • Configurable menus for starting BBS related programs (GUI Editor)
  • Supports 256 menu sets and 256 languages
  • Unlimited amount of nodes and unlimited number of users
  • 'RealTime' GUI Bulletin Editor
  • Many, many more featuers

Zeus BBS webpage

ZitaFTP Server

Image Source: ZitaFTP Server webpage

Transfer files quickly and securely directly to/from your computer. ZitaFTP Server is a fast and secure FTP(S) server.

Current features include:

  • Enables secure private file transfer protected by SSL/TLS
  • Easy to setup
  • Supports multiple simultaneous transfers for speed
  • More features, including a GUI, coming soon

ZitaFTP Server webpage