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AmigaDOS manual

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AmigaDOS manual


The AmigaDOS software is contained in files stored on the system partition. They are all binaries, either programs directly usable by the user, or libraries and other sets of functions usable by AmigaDOS itself.

You can think of AmigaDOS as a complete system for operating the computer and its peripherals.

The Shell

The Shell is a "command line interface" (CLI) that provides a lot of features to interact with the operating system. Simply put, it means that you use an "interface" (in this case a shell window) to send commands to the computer which will use this same interface to display results to your commands.

For historical reasons, you will still find references to the CLI in AmigaOS but this is really a shell that is used everywhere in the system.

TODO: insert shell image, default look

Now learn the basics and more complex uses of the AmigaOS shell.

AmigaDOS commands

C commands, command line arguments... will be explained here.