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Welcome to the AmigaOS Documentation Wiki

This is the AmigaOS Documentation Wiki. Here we collect all information for users and developers of AmigaOS 4.x and beyond.

For Developers

Documentation is organized into multiple sections. The Developer Section contains documentation that is useful for developing applications, device drivers, games and other programming projects on AmigaOS. The Tutorial Section contains a couple of hands-on tutorials that are intended to allow beginning developers to get into programming with step-by-step examples. Finally, the Autodocs section contains the well-known autodocs, function-by-function documentation of libraries and devices in the AmigaOS system.

For Users

The User Documentation Section is meant as a start point for users. It begins by explaining the concepts of the Workbench environment, how to use Menus, show the Keyboard Shortcuts available, and later how to configure the Workbench and AmigaOS from the look and feel of the desktop (e.g. changing the background image) to more comprehensive tasks such as setting up a network, configuring Sound Cards and similar information.

For Wiki Editors

The Editor Documentation Section is meant for editors to communicate with each other on the do's and don'ts of editing this wiki.


The Wiki Author Credits sections contains a list of contributors to the material found on this wiki.